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hh² Remote Payroll streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job-costed payroll data from remote jobsites while syncing seamlessly with your accounting system. Time submission and approvals can happen in an instant and automated tools make it easy to create labor reports. The best part-there is no software, hardware, or IT infrastructure costs. Easily access hh² Remote Payroll from a web browser or the hh² Remote Payroll mobile application.


Simplify your time entry and reporting process with hh² Remote Payroll.


Enter Time

Login, submit your time and log out. It is that simple. hh² Remote Payroll supports customizable options that allow you to enter for a group or individually. With time entry apps built for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, you can enter time when you are not online.


Approve Time

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Create and roll out customized approval paths for your payroll groups. hh² Remote Payroll supports virtually every option available with multiple approval levels, report viewers, passive approval, and a multitude of additional options. Create Unique approval processes to fit your unique needs.


Run Reports

Reports that detail where all the time is being coded to are available in an instant. Labor detail reports can be created for viewing in our system, exported to PDF, or exported to excel for further analysis.

A Simplified Process

Steer away from timely activities associated with faxing in timesheets. hh² Remote Payroll delivers a process that reduces the amount of time spent collecting time and other payroll data from field work. Users can input time over a secure website or through an iPhone/iPad application. This data is sent through a customizable approval process that ends at the Payroll Manager. With a host of reports and seamless integration with Sage CRE, managing payroll has never been easier.

A Secure Workflow

Feel safe in knowing that your accounting system is secure with hh² Remote Payroll. With a robust permissions system, you have the control over what each and every user is accessing. Syncing with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor gives you that ability to use recently created cost codes, jobs, and other important payroll information. A simple export process from hh² Remote Payroll keeps all data in the hands of the Payroll Manager until it is ready to be moved over to the accounting system.

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