The following hh2 Product integrates with CMiC Software:

Remote Payroll.
Time entry, coding, reporting and approval, all from the cloud.
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CMiC Enterprise: Complete & Flexible ERP Tools Specifically for Construction

CMiC goes beyond accounting and project management. With three decades of developing solutions specific to the construction industry, CMiC understands the business nuances. As a result, you can run your entire business with CMiC’s Intelligent Construction platform. In addition, our ERP offers the flexibility you need whether you want to run your business at an enterprise-wide level or zone in on specific aspects of your financials.

Manage your company’s accounting, human resources, payroll, and equipment from the main office. Don’t worry about changing your processes; CMiC seamlessly integrates with significant project management systems.

CMiC makes it easy to track invoices, commit revenue to accounts and projects, and support your vendors, all integrated with your billing system.

You can use time-saving management tools to stay up to the minute on project changes, time, expenses, and costs.

Monitor material costs, procurement, and inventory management with CMiC’s asset management solutions, all with up-to-the-second materials and maintenance statuses.

Each department in your company requires unique ERP needs. CMiC understands construction business distinctions from the main office to the field. We offer flexible financial and project management tools that roll seamlessly into your business style. Let CMiC help you to do business your way, without compromise.