hh2 Field Report Features

Pre-Built Logs

Daily Activity Worksheet
Keep track of all your unit production and percentages completes on every cost code assigned to your job. With a very intuitive interface, we provide an easy way to keep these up-to-date.

Get current weather measurements from weather.com with a click of the button. Allows you to submit multiple entries to record the details about the weather for a duration of time.

Track the daily progress of subcontractor work. Specify how many men that subcontractor has on site and what they were working on. Either create a new list from scratch or copy list from a previous day and edit from there.

Specify the employees working on-site and what they were doing. Either key in labor from scratch or automatically pull labor from hh2 Remote Payroll.

If hh2 Remote Payroll is being used, payroll can be set up to bring over all the time that has been coded for that particular job-site. Payroll data includes employees, units, cost codes, pay types and attendance.

hh2 Field Reports allows users to specify the pieces of equipment, owner status, renter information, readings, hours idle or active, cost codes, categories, revenue codes and notes on the equipment.

Record deliveries of materials on-site to keep a permanent record of what arrived and when.

hh2 Field Reports allows important events to be recorded so that the details are always a few clicks away. Record a name and description for the event, along with the date, time, and people it involved.

Document all the visitors to the job site with ease. Works with contacts that are synced over from your accounting system.

Project Journal
Record categorized journal entries to keep track of important information not covered in the other tabs.

Keep all your meeting information stored in one easy-to-access location. Track your meeting types, topics, times, names, attendees and record signatures for those that attended.

Attach any digital file to a field report to keep from searching for documents relating to the progress of the job that day. Store photographs, digital voice recordings, office documents, emails, faxes, plans, specs, and more...


Custom Access
Get current weather measurements from weather.com with a click of the button. Allows you to submit multiple entries to record the details about weather for a duration of time.


Choose the sections and order of the sections that you would like appearing in your daily logs.

Calendar View
The Calendar View offers an easy way to see who is filling out their reports and who isn’t. Specify the view to show you results weekly or monthly.

PDF Customization
Select the sections you would like appearing in your PDF and choose the colors of the report to match your company"s logo and branding.


Sync Tool
Our hh2 Sync tool synchronizes on a schedule you specify to synchronize employees, jobs, extras, cost codes, categories, gl accounts, pay id's, certified classes, and others to effortlessly keep your web service up to date.

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