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Mobile Specifications

Whether you are using mobile devices to access hh2 apps or to access hh2 solutions over the web, look below to find our requirements to properly use hh2 Cloud Services over your mobile platform.

Apple (any of the following):
Latest iOS
Air 2, 12.9 Pro, 9.7 Pro, 2017 iPad, 12.9 Pro 2nd, 10.5 Pro, 11 Pro, 12.9 Pro 3rd
iPad Mini 4, Mini 5
* If you have older devices you will need to upgrade them.

Android Web (must have a supported OS and Web Browser):
Marshmallow (6.0), Nougat (7.0), Oreo (8.0), Pie (9.0)
Google Chrome web browser (free download from the Google Play Store)

Desktop/Laptop Specifications

Each user accessing our services from the web should have a computer that meets the specifications listed below in order to properly use our services. Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Book are supported using the latest version of the MS Edge browser and Google Chrome.

OS, Processor, Memory and Supported Browsers
Latest OS from Windows or Apple
Dual-Core processor
The latest build of the following browsers:
     MS Edge or Internet Explorer
     • Google Chrome
     Apple Safari

Server Specifications

In order for hh2 Cloud Services to synchronize data from your accounting system, we have to install the hh2 Synchronization Client directly on your accounting system server. We require that your server meet the minimum required specifications listed below in order to be fully supported. If your server does not meet the specifications listed below, you can still use hh2 Web Services, but at your own risk. If you run into a problem, and our support team believes it to be related to server specs, you might have to upgrade at that point to continue using hh2 Cloud Services.

If you need to upgrade your server, please make sure it meets not only the required specifications, but also the recommended ones as well.

Server hardware purchased new within the last 5 years
64 bit Dual-Core (2.4 GHz) processor (Quad-Core recommended)
8 GB RAM (Must be physical RAM, 16 GB Recommended)
40 GB HHD free space on System Partition (50% free space, 125 GB free space recommended)
Windows 2008 Server 64 bit (Minimum Requirement) and above
.NET Framework 4.5
You must be using the latest version of your chosen accounting system along with a supported OS and web browser:

For more on server recommendations, read our Tech Specs Commentary.
For information on how hh2 manages security, please read our Security White Paper.

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