hh2 Human Resources Features

Employee Information

Important Records
Keep track of all your vital employee information by using hh2 Human Resources. Quickly access contact information, training, certifications, education, attendance, and much more.


Keep it Safe
Manage all aspects of safety with the safety management features that hh2 Human Resources provides. Monitor safety meeting attendance, training curriculum, and OSHA reporting.

Individual Information

My Records
Allow employees to update and change their personal records. Employees can also view and download past W2's, previous pay stubs, gain access to approved benefits, and view the global documents library.

The Secure Advantage

Use all of the great features that hh2 Human Resources brings you without the need to stress over security. Multiple layers of security are available to you right away.

Jobsite & Crew Dashboard

Remote Access
Go straight to the field with the advantages that hh² Human Resources brings you. Get real-time information about evaluations, raise requests, disciplinary actions,and more through the use of the Jobsite & Crew Dashboard.

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