Simplified Time & Attendance Management with Sage

Maximize your labor management efficiency by integrating Sage with hh2's remote payroll.

Bid farewell to clunky collection methods of other software which only add to the complexities of crew management and labor tracking. Such traditional approaches can be overwhelming, especially when reliant on conventional methods like spreadsheets or paper time cards. Experience a transformative approach with hh2's Remote Payroll, seamlessly integrating and feeding directly into the comprehensive capabilities of Sage.

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Full Integration With


Easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere.


Designed to be reliable and accurate, even with a remote workforce.


Secure and compliant with all regulatory requirements.


Grow with businesses as they need.


Flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Cost Effective

Save businesses money in the long run.

Reports that transform your Construction Business

Certified payroll
Custom reporting
Hours worked by trade & job
Payroll deduction recap
Eeo minority compliance
Job costing reporting
Workers compensation reports
Time-entry proofing
Union reporting & tracking
Job analysis report


Vedad dedovic

Added Dimensions Construction | Project Manager

The new version of hh2 remote payroll is unbelievably fast and user friendly. you guys made the great product even better! i find the remote payroll to be a great time saving tool helping us to capture and process the payroll time. i am confident as we grow our business that we have the right foundation in place that will enable us to grow effortlessly when our labor needs expand.

Unbelievably fast and user friendly!

Cynthia demers

Payroll Specialist

Working with the new hh2 Remote Payroll has been a great experienc for our company. Your solution provides a very easy learning experience and the updates to the new system gave us all the reporting features we have been looking for. I enjoy using the download to Excel to do my preemptive filtering at the end Of the month. It has been a great experience working with you guys.

A great experience for our company!

Colette bashir - information systems manager

Odebrecht USA

We have used hh2 Remote Payroll for years now and we found it simple to implement and training our people to use it was easy Remote time entry was key since we are geographically separated from each other and our Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate server. We needed a method that would allow remote access and seamless integration with Timberline.

Simple to implement and train!

Bob White

Fahs Constructlon

The integration with our Sage payroll system works really well. We dont have bugs. I couldnt give you an exact hour time but ld say lwe do payroll] probably in the range of 10% to 15% of the time that it used to take to get that data in.

We don't have bugs.

Michelle Bacon - Payroll Specialist

Kirk Construction

I think as long as it is being put in the right job and quoted to the right time code. it's a huge time saver. Especially with the copy function where they can copy a whole crew from their time. It cuts down on their hours.

It's a huge time saver.

Brian Silver

Chief FinanciaJ Officer

IVe been working at Gray for over 23 years and hh2 is the best application we ever implemented!