Meet Our Staff

When asked why our employees loved their jobs, they predominantly gave two answers:

First, they said they loved the people they work with. They said that the workplace felt like family. They stay late after work for video game parties, gather around the soda fridge to talk and we even rented out an entire theater to watch the latest Star Wars for our Christmas party.

Second, they love the culture. As one employee put it, “It’s laid back, but everyone meets their deadlines and feels challenged.” It’s true. hh2 is demanding of our employees, but coming to work often feels like a rest from the stress of our outside life. You’re working with the best people at the peak of their careers. We move fast and we ask a lot, but everything gets done with time to spare. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment almost immediately.

Devon Dorrity


Kevin Hadley

VP of Sales

Todd Juhnke

VP of Business Development

Dennis Dorrity

VP of Marketing

Jayme Woodhouse

VP of Customer Service

Steve Diamond


Kolton Casper

Director of Engineering

Liz Woodbury

Office Manager/
Executive Assistant

Jason Morrison

Implementation Manager

Britton Bauer

Director of Sales

Tim Hendley

IT Manager/
Sr. Support Specialist