Move Your Time Cards into the Cloud

On-premises timecard solutions like pen and paper or spreadsheets require a chain of error-prone manual processes; these systems cost excessive time and foster errors.

hh2 Remote Payroll syncs data such as job numbers, employee records, and codes in the cloud where both Remote Payroll and your accounting system can access up-to-the-minute information.

Employees can use smartphones to enter time anywhere and anytime with hh2’s Remote Payroll app. Accurate, coded time moves into the cloud where it becomes instantly available to your construction accounting system. Time entries automatically flow through custom approval paths and end up on your payroll manager’s desktop for final approval and import into accounting. This all happens without having to fill out paper timecards, punch a clock, or email spreadsheets.

  • Cloud-sync between smartphones and accounting
  • Instant main office access to field time entries
  • Enter and code time anytime, anywhere, on any web device
  • Field access to up-to-the-minute job and code data
  • Multiple time entry methods