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Increase accuracy while monitoring attendance with the hh2 Punch Clock. Users punch in and out to pay types, jobs, and coding pulled directly from your accounting system. Employees can switch coding on the fly with intuitive options that automatically punch them out of one code and into another. You can set up customized breaks; these enable employees to manually punch out for designated times. Punch Clock can automatically clock employees back in when it's time to get back to work. Best of all, punch times integrate with hh2’s timesheet. This allows managers to adjust punch times and manually submitted times, all on the same screen.

Code, Code, Code

hh2’s seamless synchronization with accounting brings all employees, pay types, jobs, and coding options to the cloud for easy access in the field. Admins can whitelist specific pay types, jobs, and coding opportunities for employee groups to reduce errors and increase punch in/punch out accuracy. hh2 supports nearly every method of construction coding for time and attendance tracking. These include pay types, jobs, cost codes, job cost category, general ledger, department, certified class, union, union local, and union class.

Customizable Breaks

You can customize shift breaks; this allows system admins to create breaks configured to meet company policy. Employees can touch a checkbox to indicate that they have taken a required break. They can punch in and out at the beginning and end of a break. They can also punch out at the beginning of a break and let hh2 Punch Clock automatically punch them back in when it's time to get back to work. You can access breaks within the punch clock interface with a drop menu.

Time Sheet Integration

The hh2 timesheet integrates manually entered time and punch clock time smoothly in the same interface. Managers can use the timesheet to review coding and adjust the time without switching screens. You can click on any previously punched time to bring up an overlay that provides direct access to edit the in and out punches. This allows you to easily change punch times without exiting the timesheet.