Document Flow

What is Document Flow and how to get started

Hh2’s Document Flow is mostly used for invoices and credit cards. Companies can take control of their invoices, credit card expenses, and reimbursements. Hh2 gives the tools that let you capture and code invoices and credit card transactions, intuitive reimbursement workflows and a multitude of approval options, AP routing and approving never flowed so smoothly.  

Bring invoices into hh2 Document Flow with intuitive ways that won’t interrupt your day-to-day business activities. Email capture will take in PDFs from monitored email accounts and import them straight into our system. Network capture allows them to setup a folder on their network that will bring over all documents submitted to them. Mobile capture will take documents that have been scanned in using native mobile apps and deliver them to the hh2 Document Flow app. 
Invoices that are brought into the system can be assigned an approval path. The approval paths can be based on a job, a group, manually submitted or you can create custom approval paths to suit their approval needs. Once the invoice has reached the final approval, it will automatically sync back into their accounting system. 

  • Employees can capture photos of their receipts and code them on their smartphone or tablet at the time of purchase. Most receipts will automatically associate with the credit card invoices when they are imported into Document Flow. If your receipt does not tie to its associated invoice, take advantage of our easy-to-learn tools for manually linking your documents. Take the hassle out of credit card transactions and reimbursements with elegant coding and tracking features that Document Flow brings to your accounting processes.
  • Capture photos of the receipt at the time of purchase, eliminating the need to keep the receipt.
  • Easily code the receipt to a job, cost code, category, commitment, commitment item or account.
  • Distribute the cost between multiple jobs or coding practices.
  • Reimbursements are coded similar to receipts and can go through the same approval paths or can be setup to their own approval path. 

Employees will be able to take photos of their receipts at the time of purchase. They can code them to jobs, cost codes, commitments, commitment items, categories or accounts. They also will be able to place a comment for the receipt if needed. 

This is just a quick overview of the product itself. There’s so much to learn! Exploring through AP (Document Flow) will set you up for success to help our clients.