June 22nd, 2024, Release Notes

This update introduces new features and enhancements, alongside resolutions to customer-reported issues across various modules including Remote Payroll, Document Flow, Human Resources, and ERP systems.

Remote Payroll 

Customer Reported Bugs Fixed

  • Time Sheet Display Correction: Resolved an issue where the Time Sheet did not display the correct pay type's configured box color when the time was not at the user's level of approval. 
  • Union Class Visibility in Copy Feature: Fixed a bug where an employee's default union class was hidden within the copy feature when the system setting 'Show Default Union Class' was set to not show. 

Document Flow 

Customer Reported Bugs Fixed

  • OCR Functionality Improvements: Addressed a problem where OCR failed to capture the Amount field during Data Entry. 
  • Data Capture from Images: Resolved an issue where the OCR button failed to capture data from images lacking readable text. 
  • Manage Distributions Modal: Fixed a bug preventing updates to the Commitment Item amount in the Manage Distributions modal. 
  • Receipt Creation Button Display: Corrected an edge case where the button for creating receipts was not displaying correctly. 

Human Resources 

Customer Reported Bugs Fixed

  • Employee Classification Management: Resolved an issue preventing HR Managers from deleting or deactivating Employee Classifications. 


New Features & Enhancements

  • Sage 300 AP Invoice API: Introduced an API that allows Document Flow users to export AP Invoices into Sage 300 more effectively.