Acumatica Construction

Speed up time tracking and AP Processes when using Acumatica.

Get more out of your Acumatica Construction Cloud ERP with fully integrated tools from hh2 Cloud Services. Improve employee time & attendance tracking with specialized solutions that access the latest data from your accounting system.

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hh2 integrates the following products with Acumatica:

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Seamless Integration

Integrate hh2 to accomplish more with Acumatica.

Add mobility to your labor time collection and document routing processes with the hh2 integration.

  • Fire up integration quickly with hh2’s implementation team

  • Work with the most current accounting data in the field

  • Leave IT maintenance behind with hh2’s always-on integration

  • Schedule ongoing sync intervals with your schedule

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A man using a smartphone.

Cloud-based Time Tracking

Track time & attendance anytime, on any device.

  • Enter time on smartphones and tablets

  • Use multiple time entry methods to log labor hours

  • Create customized approval paths

  • Use any device to view, edit, and approve time

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Financial Document Handling

Manage financial documents from beginning to end.

Handle large quantities of receipts and invoices easily.

  • Digitize and code receipts and invoices using multiple methods

  • Process reimbursements rapidly

  • Manage progress billing with interactive pay apps

  • Send financial documents through custom approval workflows

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Manage financial documents with Document Flow

Level-up your Acumatica business processes with hh2 Cloud Services.

Learn how Acumatica and hh2 Cloud Services together can increase the speed and precision of your business efficiency.