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Earn 25% every time one of your referrals becomes a paying hh2 customer.

Know someone who needs help streamlining their back office? Refer them to hh2!

When you refer anyone to hh2 and they sign up for our services, you'll receive an incredible 25% of their entire first-year contract value as a thank-you!

Refer a Friend Today!


All U.S. Residents are eligible to refer a friend, whether you're a partner, customer, or former user. 

Go to our "Refer a Friend" page and submit the form, which includes the friend you are referring's first and last name, email, company, phone and state. From there, we'll confirm if the referral is accepted and take it from there. 

We will send a confirmation email once a lead is accepted into the program. You will be informed when the referral becomes a paying customer along with the amount earned and estimated date of payment. 

You can find the terms and conditions for the hh2 Referral program here.

hh2 will pay your 25% commissions of the first-year contract from the lead you referred. Commission payments (less any applicable withholding taxes or other levies) will be payable on the last day of the month following the quarter in which hh2 receives payment of the referred customer.

Nope. You simply complete the refer a friend form above and that's it!

Any questions you have, please contact our team at 1.877.442.9327 or