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Execute work efficiently with elegant concrete contractor software. Manage the field with financial document tracking, labor time sheets, and more.

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Learn how 2,700+ companies improve expense and employee management efficiency and boost their bottom lines every day.

hh2 Document Flow on a Pile of Receipts

Expense Management - hh2 Document Flow

Ensure that every project expense bills to the right code. Don’t lose a penny in lost reimbursements and markups.

Acquire, code, and route invoices without touching a single sheet of paper.

  • Acquire invoices with multiple methods

  • Review, and approve scores of invoices in seconds

  • Split invoices and code distributions separately

  • Sync everything with accounting

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hh2 Document Flow on a Pile of Receipts
hh2 Document Flow Capturing a Receipt
Taking a Photo of a Receipt in hh2 Document Flow

Manage Credit Cards - hh2 Document Flow

Make every credit card purchase hit accounting coded and approved.

View, edit, and approve credit card purchases in real-time.

  • Scan and code credit card receipts with smartphones

  • Fill in receipt information automatically with OCR

  • Send receipts down custom approval workflows

  • Sync everything with accounting

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hh2 Document Flow Screens on a Tablet

Manage Time - hh2 Remote Payroll

Get paid for every hour spent by every member of your concrete crew.

  • Enter and code time for the whole crew all at once

  • Use a smartphone to view, edit, and approve time

  • Send time through custom approval paths

  • Sync everything with accounting

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hh2 Remote Payroll Optimized Concrete Contractor Software on a Tablet
Construction Workers Celebrating
Concrete Construction Crew Raising Helmets

Human Resource Management - hh2 Human Resources

Arm yourself with the most current HR data to manage employees.

Access your employees’ information anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Access emergency contacts and medical concerns instantly

  • Evaluate employee performance while on the job site

  • Store vital HR information in a single location

  • Find qualified substitutes should someone fail to show up for work

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