Construction HR Management

Arcoro chooses hh2’s Universal Construction Model to ease HR management.

Arcoro, an end-to-end construction HR management solution, trusts hh2’s Universal Construction Model (UCM), a robust ERP integration platform. Many other 3rd party developers also use the UCM to broaden their product offerings to many popular accounting systems.

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Accounting system integration

Trust the construction industry’s leading integration platform.

Did you know Arcoro uses hh2 to integrate with your accounting system?

  • Lock in data security with Arcoro tied in with the UCM

  • Access accounting HR data from accounting in the cloud

  • Get at current HR documents and employee information

  • Count on robust ERP synchronization

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Link your software to hh2’s Universal Construction Model. Let the UCM do the rest.

Develop your software deploy it to the construction industry’s most trusted ERPs with a single set of API calls. The UCM does the rest by integrating with a growing list of construction accounting systems.