The following hh2 Products integrate with ComputerEase:

Remote Payroll.
Time entry, coding, reporting and approval, all from the cloud. Field Reports.
Compile, review and route daily construction logs with one cloud-based app. Data Drop. 
Data aggregation to bring together accounting, project management, and hh2 data for reporting.

* hh2 Cloud Services and the solutions they provide are not affiliated, sponsored or otherwise endorsed by ComputerEase.

Construction requires a special set of challenges for a piece of accounting software. Using a pre-packaged, off-the-shelf system does not allow for rigors and specialties that construction accounting software requires. With hh2's integration with ComputerEase, your construction software and management needs will be met. For example, ComputerEase’s Job Center lets you oversee and manage items such as estimated vs. actual costs, percent complete, cash flow, over/under billing and profitability.

Flexible Billing Options

Billing is not a one-size-fits all procedure. Billing varies based on the unique conditions of each job. Some project may require AIA (i.e. Progress Billing). Other projects might require a time-and-materials approach or a per-unit system. ComputerEase was built specifically for the needs of contractors and is software built for construction.

General Ledger

There’s a lot more to a general ledger than just debits and credits. This accounting integration was built for construction. ComputerEase gathers all the financial information you need and presents it to you in an easy-to-use system: profit and loss statements, balance sheets, budgeting—everything you’d expect—but also user-generated custom reports and much more. 

Work-In-Progress Reporting

Work-in-progress (WIP) Reporting is essential to completing jobs on-time and within budget. Cost reports aren’t given to you a week after the fact, or even a day after. You can run custom WIP reports that give you up-to-the-minute information. You can rest assured that WIP reporting will give you data and accurate costs in real time.


The Receivables Center is for managing every function of accounts receivable from one place. It includes valuable reports and a list of past accounts. On the accounts payable side, there is invoice routing, invoice reconciliation, a management tool for purchase orders and red-flag alerts, which warn you when an invoice doesn’t match a purchase order.