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Connecting 260 miles between LA and Vegas

A new website has launched for a new public high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with details emerging about the line's construction, known as Brightline West.

Top speed up to 180 mph

The new website indicates that the construction breaks down into six segments, three in California and three in Nevada. The first of these segments, a 39 mile stretch originating in Southern California, will begin construction in Winter 2020. This will be the most challenging part of the route as it deals with the city and has right-of-way issues. The middle and north segments, 45 miles and 51 miles each should begin construction in 2023. (delayed from the Spring of 2021)

The Nevada segments are significantly shorter, with the first being 21 miles, followed by the second at  6 miles and the third at 7 miles.  

“This will transform transportation in Southern California and Las Vegas for generations by providing a fast and efficient connection that gets people out of their cars, reduces traffic congestion and decreases air pollution.” - Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer

It is estimated that the project will create 40,000 temporary jobs and later 1000 permanent jobs and will generate an income nearing $9 billion. The bonds' size remains the final puzzle piece: it was asked that the project receive $3.2 billion, but that number has been cut to $2.4 billion.

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