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Traditional methods = traditional problems

hh2 Remote Payroll allows you to record equipment revenue—the time that you are using a piece of equipment on the job site.

Getting equipment time entered on a regular basis can be problematic. Writing it down and faxing it in, problems with double entry, deciphering messy handwriting, and accurately coding to the correct codes are just a few of the problems that can make this a cumbersome task.

Issues that cause equipment revenue come to a screeching halt:

Using software that wasn’t built specifically for your equipment time entry needs.

Software that wasn't built with your needs in mind can cause your managers frustration as they are stumbling through interfaces that weren't built to simplify their time entry needs.

Not being able to easily access the software solution from the field.

Your field managers and supervisors should be able to walk the job site with ease while entering time for their equipment. This will put them in the center of the action, allowing them to accurately report on it. A solution that will tie your supervisors to their job trailers does not allow them to accurately see the activity happening on the site.

Forcing your payroll managers to perform double entry.

Your payroll managers should not be spending their time checking numbers that have been entered multiple times. Systems should integrate with your accounting system and allow the time to be entered only once, freeing up your payroll managers to error check and not accidentally introduce errors re-entering time.

Not having the ability to synchronize with your accounting system.

A system that automatically syncs with your accounting system provides your field workers with jobs, cost codes, employees, and additional information they need within minutes that information has been entered into the accounting system.

With hh2’s solution, Equipment Revenue, you can customize the task of entering time toto the way that suits your field employees best: daily, weekly, or records-based batch entry.

Approval Paths that you can customize for equipment time.

A foreman can enter the time a piece of equipment was used—a scissor lift, a back-hoe, a crane—and then the job supervisor can approve or reject the entry. With completely customizable approval from one group to another, you have complete control of who approves the time before it ends up in the accounting system.

Track Equipment Revenue with hh2

Track your equipment hours no matter what you haul, lift or install with hh2 Remote Payroll.

Even better, hh2 Equipment Revenue integrates seamlessly with the accounting system you’re already using, either Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, or Sage 100 Contractor.

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