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Impervious to economic downturns

While most industries see slowdowns in growth, the construction industry continues to flourish. As a result, the sector holds on, impervious to economic downturns.

One key reason for construction resilience: it endures as a critical driver of economic growth. Building new homes and businesses requires new jobs; this escalates the demand for goods and services. In addition, the construction industry provides a significant source of tax revenue for local governments.

A major national employer

The construction industry accounts for more than 10 percent of all jobs in the United States; this translates to lower unemployment rates in the construction sector than in most other verticals.

Increase in population and reduction in costs

The growing populace bolsters construction industry development. The world population continues to increase at an unprecedented rate; this impacts the global economy. In addition, population growth fosters a need for more infrastructure projects. As a result, billions of dollars from countries worldwide flow into new roads, bridges, airports, and other transportation projects.

At the same time, technological advances reduce construction costs while propelling project volume momentum.

All of these factors together fuel swift economic growth worldwide, and demand for infrastructure projects should continue to increase years into the future.

Demand for field data

The demand for actionable information escalates with industry energy. How can dispatchers and field technicians remain in constant communication? hh2 Field Service and Field Reports can help.

Access to work orders, equipment status, and the ability to create an ad hoc mobile workflow in the field can become a game changer for your projects.

Many of our hh2 Remote Payroll users love the hh2 Field Service module. Click here to watch why Steve Haynes, IT Manager at Fahs Construction Group, thinks every construction company should use hh2 Field Reports.

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