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Measuring employee productivity

Employee productivity is a vital metric that workplaces measure to ensure important tasks are getting accomplished. These tasks vary greatly depending on the industry you are in.

In construction, these tasks include bricklaying, pouring concrete, hanging drywall, etc.

There are several ways to measure productivity; how do we identify factors that affect labor productivity in construction and remedy them? A recent study conducted by Intergraph identified 33 of these factors (

The report lists overtime, morale, fatigue, logistics, among others, as factors that affect employee productivity on the job site. The article also states:

“Inefficiencies impact labor productivity, but can also intensify if continued for prolonged periods. Using overtime as an example, the impact on productivity dramatically increases each week if no break occurs."

The primary reason for overtime intensity is the compounding effect of workers on the job week after week with limited or no days off,” the article reads.

Companies can overcome factors that affect productivity by understanding the root cause and using counteractive measures. One of the best ways to increase productivity is to ensure your company is using effective communication practices. Communication can be made easier by taking advantage of the technology available to you in the office and on the job site.


Cloud-based companies offer you the ability to access your software from anywhere, at any time. Using a cloud service, like hh2 (, gives you the ability to input your time from anywhere, whether that be on the job site or from your office. hh2 Cloud Services also offers solutions for field reports, human resources and credit card transaction routing and approval.

Construction-based project management software (CPM)

Software that is designed specifically for those in construction to manage their projects can help with employee productivity. Procore Technologies ( is a cloud-based CPM that was designed to manage multiple projects and include limitless collaborators on all of your devices.

In an article written in The Boss Magazine (, those in construction benefit greatly by taking advantage of technology:

“It’s time to put the pen and paper down. Construction today demands a more efficient, real-time approach when it comes to project management and work coordination.”

To find out more about hh2 Cloud Services and how the cloud-based company can increase your employee productivity, visit or call 801-683-7869.

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