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Web devices rule the world; no secret there. A recent study shows that people primarily access the internet on mobile devices. This translates to the construction industry, where employees constantly access documents and data on smart phones and tablets.

Improving productivity 

Mobile timesheets function as a payroll technology. But a ‘secret’ value exists beyond just tracking time and attendance; construction timesheets can boost performance in the field.

Mobile timekeeping improves productivity for many reasons. As workers move from job site to job site, they can easily clock in and out. Additionally, mobile timesheets allow supervisors to monitor worker activity and project progress better. This increases accountability.

More ways mobile timesheets help to enhance productivity:

  • They discourage buddy punching
  • They eliminate trouble with handwritten timecards
  • They replace the reliance on employees “remembering” their hours for the week
  • They enable employees to track time from job to job and class to class
  • They shift resources when equipment or supplies arrive late at the site

Choosing the right construction timecard solution

Evaluate several mobile timesheet apps before choosing one that meets your business needs.

Look for specific features such as tracking time by project, job code, and client.Additionally, consider the ease of use and a user-friendly interface. Most importantly, mobile timesheets must integrate with your accounting system.

hh2 Remote Payroll

Start enjoying a customizable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use time-entry solution in the field and the office. hh2 Remote Payroll’s cloud-based time entry removes manual processes and simplifies coding while increasing the accuracy of time synced to your accounting system.

End the problems that come with manual pen and paper timesheets. Employees can log their own time with just a few screen touches. Likewise, field supervisors can enter time for their entire crews—or multiple crews—in seconds using one of numerous time entry methods.

Grant your employees access to only the jobs and codes they need in the field. RemotePayroll puts you a few taps away from coding every hour with precision and accuracy. Even better, time entries become instantly visible at the main office the moment your employees post them.

hh2 Cloud Services has strategic partnerships with key software providers; this ensures seamless integration of hh2 Remote Payroll with construction accounting systems like Sage Construction, Acumatica, Foundation and more — plus many ISV solutions.

Stop risking lost revenue by using pen and paper timecards. Instead, move to the construction industry’s most elegant cloud-based construction timecard solution, hh2 Remote Payroll.

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