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Excel is data, not a database

Businesses continue to use spreadsheets as practical tools. Most agree that Excel offers a robust solution. But an article this week in Construction Dive poses that too many spreadsheets and not enough automation cause difficulty for construction project managers. In addition, project managers do more business these days on smartphones and tablets. Excel doesn't offer the simplicity needed in this business environment.

Construction Dive lays out four foundational requirements that construction project managers need from their record-keeping software: customizable visualizations and dashboards, integrations with existing systems, mobile accessibility, and data governance.

hh2 Cloud Solutions, a Utah-based software company, answers the call with their product, Remote Payroll. Rather than dealing with complicated spreadsheets, project managers can access a payroll system native to smartphones and tablets to enter and code time using multiple methods that fit any environment and work style.

hh2 Remote Payroll connects with leading construction accounting systems such as Sage and Autodesk with hh2's proprietary integration—the same integrations that Procore relies on for their accounting software needs.

Project managers can enter time anywhere and anytime using smartphones. This new digital business method dissolves the days of overly-complicated software solutions, spreadsheets, and single-location punch clocks.

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