All of your Construction Data, Combined

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Reporting Your Way

Time Efficient & Accurate

Affordable & Risk-Free

Construction Data Combined

hh2 Data Drop provides a combined reporting database by extracting data from hh2, Procore and your accouting system. DataDrop syncs seamlessly in the background bypulling data continuously on a scheduled sync or on demand. With access to your favorite reporting service, you can run the reports you need, when you need them. Data Drop provides you with maximum efficiency presenting accurate, up-to-date information to your key players.

Reporting Your Way

Data Drop gives users the ability to easily create, distribute and run reports using a reporting solution that supports Microsoft SQL Server. Gain control of how your reports are presented by using Liberty Reports, Crystal Reports, SSRS and many other reporting engines. You can also contact hh2’s professional services to get the reports created in the solution of your choice.

Time Efficient & Accurate

Combining data across your separate construction software systems into a single reportable database can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Every step along the way increases the possibilities of errors creeping into the data. Spend less time accessing and assembling data while providing the security that your data will be as accurate as possible.

Affordable & Risk Free

We are so confident you’ll love hh2 Data Drop, we don’t charge any sign-up fees and you are free to cancel at anytime without penalty. That means all the time and money we spend to implement you on the platform is on our dime. Your sign-up fee starts off as somewhat trivial and scales up as you need it to. We must earn your business each month with a great product and personalized service.