Construction Project Management

Enstoa counts on hh2’s ERP integration so you can count on Enstoa for project management information.

Construction companies rely on project management solutions from Enstoa to compile accounting data into dashboards that boost efficiency. Thanks to Enstoa’s partnership with hh2 Cloud Services’ integration, they can offer their solutions to many leading construction ERPs.

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Project management integration

Converge data and access tools to streamline project management.

Fold Enstoa into your project management business flow. Leave ERP integration up to hh2 Cloud Services.

  • Sync data securely between your ERP and Enstoa

  • Work with the latest accounting accounting in the field

  • Expect no downtime from your ERP to Enstoa integration

  • Let your ERP integration run in the background, supported by hh2

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Project Manager using a laptop.

Link your software to hh2’s Universal Construction Model. Let the UCM do the rest.

Develop your software once and deploy it to the construction industry’s most trusted ERPs. Link your solutions to a single set of API calls. The UCM does the rest by integrating with a growing list of construction accounting systems.