Construction AP Automation Software

Approve financial documents from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Handle construction financial documents from acquisition, through coding and approval, and into your accounting system without using a single sheet of paper.

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Accounting Integration

Integrate your field work with accounting seamlessly.

hh2 creates powerful construction document management software to establish effective financial communication between the office and the field.

  • Use industry-leading integration with accounting

  • Sync with the top construction accounting systems

  • Get immediate field access to the latest jobs and coding entered into accounting

  • Select your preferred sync cadence

Construction Document Apps in the Field

Invoice management

Handle invoices from acquisition through approval, and into accounting.

Acquire, code, and route invoices quickly. Employees can approve and adjust distribution for invoices routed to them.

  • Acquire and code invoices

  • Skip data entry with OCR

  • Send invoices through custom approval workflows

  • Review invoices in filterable lists

Powerful construction invoice apps for managing routing and approval

Credit card transaction management

Stay on top of the thousands of credit card purchases flowing into accounting.

Keep an eye on every expense within your construction company. Use the credit card features to require receipt capture, coding, and approval for even the smallest expenses.

  • Reduce errors by eliminating hand entry for receipts

  • Digitize and code receipts with cellphones

  • Send purchases through custom approval workflows

  • Sync processed purchases with accounting

A complete construction credit card transaction management solution for your company

Flexible document acquisition

Acquire receipts and invoices your way.

Move financial documents into the cloud with multiple methods, depending on your needs.

  • Scan receipts and invoices with any device

  • Create network watch folders

  • Automatically acquire invoices from designated email addresses

  • Enable vendors to send invoices directly via the web

Scan, OCR, and code receipts to get them in front of the right stakeholders for approval

Document coding

Code receipts, invoices, reimbursements, and payment apps.

Code your construction financials according to your business standards.

  • Code documents with smartphones

  • Code invoices anywhere with up-to-date data from accounting

  • Split and code multiple distributions

  • Code with standard and custom cost codes

Code the way you want for your construction companies financials

Expense Routing & Approval

Approve expenses anywhere, with any device.

Customize your approval workflow with decisions, actions, and more.

  • Create custom time approval workflows

  • Add as many approvers as you need to the workflows

  • Use titles instead of named users to make workflows efficient

  • Sync your work with accounting

Approve construction expenses from anywhere, with any device

Reimbursement management

Code and process reimbursements quickly and accurately

Turn around personal credit card purchases promptly

  • Scan receipts with smartphones at point of purchase

  • Code receipts as reimbursements

  • Use custom approval workflows to approve receipts

  • Reimburse employees in record time

Reimbursement receipts

Payment applications

Stay friends with subcontractors; use transparent payment applications.

Manage progress billing in the cloud.

  • Collaborate with vendors on payment apps

  • Create schedule of values

  • Easily update payment apps, let the app do the math

  • Require vendors to attach supporting docs

Construction payment app management screen

What Our Customers are Saying

"Since we started using Document Flow from hh2, we've been able to accomplish one of our primary goals, which is to go to a paperless situation. No more filing papers and filing cabinets. No more manual entry. All of our documents are approved before they go in the AP module."

Brian Kelling
Metro Air Conditioning Company


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