Equipment time entry features to support your equipment coding workflows....
Whatever they may be.


Quickly code your equipment as a cost to the job when you are using the Equipment Revenue entry features for hh2 Remote Payroll. Easy-to-use and very customizable to meet your needs, our equipment time entry features will support your equipment coding workflows.


We support rules-based routing where you have precise control over who enters and approves the equipment time each step of the way. hh2 Remote Payroll supports multiple approval types, levels, report viewers, and passive approval along with a host of additional options, security, and permissions.  Finally, it’s an equipment time entry system that can be customized to fit your unique needs.


We support several time entry methods for equipment such as weekly, daily, record based, and batch along with multiple coding methods such as cost coding, revenue coding and general ledger coding.  Each method and coding technique brings distinct advantages, making your time entry process simple and efficient.


hh2 Remote Payroll provides your employees the ability to enter their equipment time through a web browser for desktops and laptops, and through a mobile app for phones and tablets.  Each interface has been finely crafted for the device you are using. For mobile, we support both iOS and Android phones and tablets.