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hh2 Field Reports gives your field managers the freedom to move around their job sites while accurately collecting data on the activities that occur around them. Managers can utilize the web or apps built for iOS and Android to submit their daily logs, making the information available instantly for those back in the office. hh2 Field Reports syncs with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor as well as integrating with hh2 Remote Payroll.

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Go Mobile

Your superintendents should not be tied to a computer in a job trailer and missing the daily events that are happening out on the job site. Increase the accuracy of your reporting with mobile apps built for iOS and Android, give your managers the mobility they need to walk the site, take photos, and record events as they unfold.

Detailed Daily Logs

hh2 Field Reports allows you to keep track of the smallest details that occur on your job site. Now you can record construction activities using pre-built forms that cover everything from weather to subcontractors. If you need to track data that isn’t included in our pre-built forms, create your own custom forms to start tracking.

Our pre-built daily logs include:
Production Activities
And more...

Create Custom Forms

Create custom forms to keep track of any additional information you need to include. The forms are easy to create and include in your daily logs. With a drag-and-drop interface, existing business forms large and small can be deployed to start collecting data from the web or apps for iOS and Android devices.

Integrates with hh2 Remote Payroll

If your company is already using hh2 Remote Payroll to submit time, hh2 Field Reports can be configured to pull in all the payroll data submitted for that job site. Cost codes, pay types, comments and attendance will automatically be included in your daily logs.

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