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Create paperless daily project logs in the field. Make them available for all stakeholders instantly.

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Job site reports – hh2 Field Reports

Walk the job site; post reports

Create daily logs as you walk the job site. Give the main office instant access.

  • Create field updates on mobile devices

  • Attach supporting documents

  • Build reports rapidly with custom templates

  • Sync field reports with accounting

Man with an iPad walking the job site.

Accurate field data

Organize field data the way you need it

Use custom field report templates that include only the needed data and nothing more.

  • Create daily logs using digestible categories

  • Create custom templates

  • Include relevant groupings such as labor, equipment, and materials

  • Access data from your accounting system

A Screenshot of Field Reports on iPad.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Our field reports were paper; they sat in a filing cabinet. We needed to somehow unify and have all this data out there. hh2 made it really easy because the guys in the field can use their mobile app or the website. We no longer had to go out to the job site to view a report or go to a filing cabinet from a job two or three years ago to pull reports. We would absolutely, and we do, recommend hh2 to help make use of your accounting system that much better.”

Steve Haynes
Fahs Construction Group


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