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Keep dispatch and field technicians in constant communication with each other by employing hh2 Field Service into your service management operations. Information entered into a work order is available immediately out in the field. Your technicians can access the work order on a tablet right away, bringing a mobile workflow to an extremely mobile job. Syncs seamlessly with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate or Sage 100 Contractor.

Real-Time Environment

Provide a real-time envinronment for dispatch and technicians to work together.

Technicians will be able to see the work orders assigned and quickly get directions using integrated maps. To keep dispatch accurately informed, the technician can fill out trip status and complete tasks that are listed out on an action sheet.

Dispatch can key in work orders using their accounting system or on the hh2 Dispatch application. Within the app, dispatch can keep an eye on technician locations and trip status to enable them to quickly assign new work orders as the technician becomes available.

Use Offline

No internet connection, no problem. Technicians can continue to use the hh2 Field Service mobile app while offline. When a connection to the internet can be established, anything entered offline will sync over.

Historical Data

hh2 Field Service keeps a detailed history of previous work orders completed, allowing your technicians to view work that was previously done at each location. Technicians can quickly look up the history of service on individual pieces of equipment on-site.

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