HR Construction

All vital employee data in one central location.

Centralize your HR data. Arm your supervisors and field employees with up-to-date employee info, emergency contacts, certifications, evaluations, and more.

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Sync with accounting

Distribute HR info from the cloud.

Make critical information available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Edit HR information in the field and sync your work continuously with accounting.

  • Store HR documents in one location

  • Give mobile access to field employees

  • Eliminate paper HR documents

  • Roll out pay stubs to all employees

Screen shot showing pay stubs for construction companies

Sensitive information protection

Control access to human resources information.

Assign rights to personal data to field employees. Allow supervisors and HR staff broader rights to even more information.

  • Create security groups

  • Control data access for different employee groups

  • Access HR info anywhere on mobile devices

  • Sync HR data from your accounting system

Screenshot showing HR for Construction

Employee Management Tools

Manage employees from a human resources perspective.

Evaluate employee performance from the field.

  • Create customized aptitude matrices

  • Evaluate employee strengths and weaknesses

  • Write and reference notes about employee performance

  • Post pay raise requests and formal disciplinary write-ups

Employees for Construction Companies

Employee Certifications

Track company and government-required employee certifications.

Ensure that your employees hold active, mandatory certifications when the auditor comes knocking.

  • View sortable, filterable lists of your staff’s certifications

  • Notify employees of approaching certification expiration dates

  • Digitize certifications and store them with employee records

  • Sync field data with accounting

Keep track of certifications for workers

All Access Paystubs

Access digital paystubs wherever and whenever you need them.

Use an easy app to view, compile, and download pay stubs.

  • View and download pay stubs

  • Download years worth of pay stubs in a single pdf document

  • Decrease calls to HR

  • Access pay stubs based on custom date spans

Download pay stubs from anywhere.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I really liked the limited amount of times I've had to deal with questions because the support was quick response and easy solutions and everything was resolved. I would definitely recommend other companies look into hh2 because it's just so simple. It really just does everything you need and want it to do.”

Madi Hulst
ICS Inc.


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