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Take it to the Cloud

Reduce the amount of time spent managing HR tasks by taking them to the cloud with hh2 Human Resources. A convenient, easy-to-use interface gives your HR administrator quick access to emergency contacts, evaluations, certifications, classifications, payroll history, accruals and raise requests. Permissions can be granted to allow managers and employees to access features important to them.

Manage Like a Pro

Enterprise Management offers all the features you need to quickly roll-out HR data to your entire organization. In a few quick clicks you add classifications, certifications and benefits to a multitude of employees in your organization.

Control who accesses your HR data with hh2 Human Resources. Give your field managers access to HR data that is available instantly on the job site with the “Job/Crew Dashboard”. Grant your employees access to paystubs, emergency contacts, benefits information and a host of additional HR data with “My Records”.

My Records

Locating and printing out important HR information for your employees is a task your HR Administrator no longer need to worry about with “My Records”. Once you grant access, your employees can quickly find their paystubs, emergency contact information and have access to all the benefits data they need. My Records is available from any web browser and apps that were developed to work in iOS and Android.

Our Monthly Pricing

hh2 Human Resources is built for construction and resides in the cloud, so there is no need to buy servers or sit through complex software installations. Pricing starts at $209 if billing monthly. Pricing starts out at $195.75 a month if billed annually. There are additional upfront fees for setup, training, and support.

Monthly Price (USD)
Up to 25 Employees
Price (USD)
Annual Price (USD)
Up to 75 Employees
Up to 125 Employees
Up to 175 Employees
Up to 225 Employees
Up to 300 Employees
Up to 50 Employees
Up to 100 Employees
Up to 150 Employees
Up to 200 Employees
Up to 250 Employees
Up to 350 Employees
Up to 400 Employees
Up to 500 Employees
Up to 600 Employees
Up to 700 Employees
Up to 800 Employees
Up to 450 Employees
Up to 550 Employees
Up to 650 Employees
Up to 750 Employees
Up to 850 Employees
Up to 900 Employees
Up to 1000 Employees
Up to 950 Employees
Up to 1100 Employees
Up to 1300 Employees
Up to 1500 Employees
Up to 1700 Employees
Up to 1900 Employees
Up to 1200 Employees
Up to 1400 Employees
Up to 1600 Employees
Up to 1800 Employees
Up to 2000 Employees

* Pricing is based on the number of active employees within your accounting system (employees without a termination date).

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