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Reduce Cost

The cost of paper, envelopes, and stamps can seem trivial but if your company has more than a dozen employees and you send out stubs every week or two, those costs can really add up. In addition to material costs, you’ve got the cost of the person who has to print, fold, label and stamp—plus the HR manager’s time when he or she has to spend extra effort to send pay stubs after hours.

Save Time

We’re all busy and neither your employees or your HR manager should have to worry about printing out hosts of pay stubs during their work day. Worse, the employee could be calling in the evening, from a car dealership, and your HR manager either has to email them remotely or the employee will have to wait until the next business day. Now all that’s needed is your employee’s smartphone—they can access pay stubs any time of day from anywhere.

Pay stubs can be a big hassle. Many employees throw away the paper copies, only to need them again when trying to buy a car or house. And they don’t usually need them during business hours, which is a problem for both the employees and the HR manager. But hh2’s Pay Stubs feature can solve all those problems. Employees can access pay stubs directly from their computer or mobile device and print or email them without ever needing help from the office. (This product is offered free of charge with a Remote Payroll Subscription.)

Add Mobile

Free yourself and your employees from being chained to a computer. hh2 Pay Stubs provides you with mobile apps to look your stubs up on your tablet or phone to save, email, or print them. You can do it from the office of your mortgage lender or from the sales floor of the dealership.
With hh2’s Pay Stubs, you’re in control.

Go Paperless

Even if your employee saves all the pay stubs they get in the mail, they have to find a place to file them away and they can easily get lost or out of order, which leads back to our previous hassles. With our Pay Stubs feature, they can print the pay stubs they need, from our cloud-based app—they can do it right there in the car dealership. They can email them to the salesman, or even send them directly to the printer.

A Smart Buy

hh2 Pay Stubs resides in the cloud, so there is no need to buy servers or sit through complex software installations. Users of the system are unlimited. Monthly billing starts at $52 and annual billing starts as low as $48.75 a month. There are additional upfront fees for setup, training, and support.

Our Monthly Pricing

Monthly Billing
Up to 25 Employees
Annual Billing
Up to 75 Employees
Up to 125 Employees
Up to 175 Employees
Up to 225 Employees
Up to 300 Employees
Up to 50 Employees
Up to 100 Employees
Up to 150 Employees
Up to 200 Employees
Up to 250 Employees
Up to 350 Employees
Up to 400 Employees
Up to 500 Employees
Up to 600 Employees
Up to 700 Employees
Up to 800 Employees
Up to 450 Employees
Up to 550 Employees
Up to 650 Employees
Up to 750 Employees
Up to 850 Employees
Up to 900 Employees
Up to 1000 Employees
Up to 950 Employees
Up to 1100 Employees
Up to 1300 Employees
Up to 1500 Employees
Up to 700 Employees
Up to 1900 Employees
Up to 1200 Employees
Up to 1400 Employees
Up to 1600 Employees
Up to 1800 Employees
Up to 2000 Employees

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