Construction Payroll

Access years-worth of paystubs anywhere, on any device

Enable employees to access pay stubs on smartphones, tablets, and desktops directly after construction payroll posts. Reduce calls to HR for pay history requests.


Mobile pay stubs

Your entire work history in the palm of your hand

Get at your pay stubs anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Access paystubs on smartphones and tablets

  • Use native apps for both iOS and Android devices

  • View pay stubs based on custom date ranges

  • Download pay stub records for as long as the employee has been employed

Access pay stub from anywhere using mobile devices

Human resources

Empower your HR department with process-refining tools.

Make weekly pay stub distribution easy with solutions that integrate with accounting. Employees can access their pay stubs right after your construction payroll posts.

  • Give your HR department more time to focus on other priorities

  • Distribute pay stubs across your entire company instantly

  • Automatically disperse pay stubs the moment payroll posts

  • Save time and money on packaging and mailing pay stubs

Pay stubs screens showing on desktop, and mobile devices

What Our Customers are Saying

“I really liked the limited amount of times I've had to deal with questions because the support was quick response and easy solutions and everything was resolved. I would definitely recommend other companies look into hh2 because it's just so simple. It really just does everything you need and want it to do.”

Madi Hulst
ICS Inc.

Our Monthly Pricing

hh2 Pay Stubs resides in the cloud, so there is no need to buy servers or sit through complex software installations. hh2 Pay Stubs can accommodate unlimited users. Monthly billing starts at $52. Annual billing starts as low as $49 a month. There are additional upfront fees for setup, training, and support.

Number of Employees

Monthly Price (USD)

Annual Price (USD)

Up to 25 Employees



Up to 50 Employees



Up to 75 Employees



Up to 100 Employees



Up to 150 Employees



Up to 200 Employees



Up to 250 Employees



Up to 300 Employees



Up to 350 Employees



Up to 400 Employees



Up to 450 Employees



Up to 500 Employees



Up to 600 Employees



Up to 700 Employees



Up to 800 Employees



Up to 900 Employees



Up to 1000 Employees



Up to 1100 Employees



Up to 1200 Employees



Up to 1300 Employees



Up to 1400 Employees



Up to 1500 Employees



Up to 1600 Employees



Up to 1700 Employees



Up to 1800 Employees



Up to 1900 Employees



Up to 2000 Employees




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Access years' worth of pay stubs without contacting HR.

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