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hh2 Remote Payroll is a cloud-based time entry solution for construction. It supports both employee labor and equipment time. Tightly integrated with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (CRE) and with Sage 100 Contractor, it eliminates the need to transcribe paper timesheets or perform double entry. It allows a high degree of customization with many configuration options, time entry methods, configurable approval paths, custom permissions and reporting options.


Optimized for
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Time Entry

Time Entry


Integrates with Accounting

hh2 Remote Payroll integrates seamlessly with your accounting system through the use of a sync tool that is installed on the accounting server. This ensures that employees, jobs, cost codes, GL accounts, departments, pay IDs and other accounting data are always there when you need it and time is imported effortlessly using our cloud based solution.

Optimized for the Device

hh2 Remote Payroll is a cloud-based time entry solution. Your employees or their supervisors log their time through a web browser for desktop and laptops, and through a mobile time entry app designed for construction for phones and tablets. Each interface has been finely crafted for the device you are using. Our cloud based time entry solution is supported for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Multiple Time Entry Methods

hh2 Remote Payroll is customizable, allowing you to enter time in different ways for specific groups. If you would like some employees to enter time on a daily or weekly basis, we have you covered. Want your supervisors to enter time quickly for a group with the same job and cost code over multiple days? This is possible with our time entry solution. Want your employees using punch clock system to track their time and attendance? No problem. You can use all of these time entry methods and roll them out to different groups within your organization, to meet the time tracking needs for each group.

Equipment Time Tracking

In addition to tracking employee time, hh2 Remote Payroll also supports equipment time entry. When a piece of equipment is used on a job, the expense of using that equipment should get coded to Job Cost. This is called Equipment Revenue. We support coding equipment revenue to a variety of codes using weekly and daily timecards, record based time entry, and equipment batch time entry. Each user can pick the time entry method most appropriate for their ever-changing needs.

Customizable Approval

Want your employees to complete their own time entry? No problem. Want your supervisors to handle time entry? We support that too. In fact, we support rules-based routing where you have precise control over who enters and approves the time each step of the way. hh2 Remote Payroll supports multiple approval types, levels, report viewers and passive approval along with a host of additional options, security and permissions. Finally, hh2 Cloud Services has a time entry system that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Affordable & Risk-Free

At hh2 Cloud Services, we are so confident that you will love hh2 Remote Payroll, we don’t charge any signup fees. You are free to cancel at any time without penalty. That means all the time and money we spend to implement you on the platform is on our dime. To sign up, just begin paying the monthly fee that is based on actual usage of our cloud-based solution. The fee starts off as somewhat trivial and scales up as you need it to. We much earn your business each month with a great product and personalized service.

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