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Reduce the time to collect payroll by up to 70%.

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Construction Punch Clock

Track time easily in the office
or on the job site.

Simplify how your field teams clock in and out and seamlessly sync with your ERP.

  • Have confidence your team is on location using simple punch-in/punch-out with geo location and photo capture.

  • Tie punches to job costs from any mobile device without extra data entry.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks with customized, automated approval routing.

  • Accessible from any devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and web browsers.

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Accounting Integration

Seamless Integration with your construction accounting system.

Keep your data in sync with your accounting system, ensuring that every employee, job, and code is accurate.

  • Use the strongest accounting integration in construction

  • Keep all accounting data secure and synchronized

  • Automate synchronization times

  • Implement fast with an experienced team on your side

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Flexible Time Entry Methods

Enter time your way.

Code and enter hours as an individual or for the whole crew all at once, with flexible options to fit your management style.

  • Enter and code time with multiple methods

  • Enter time for multiple employees at once

  • Use a record-based time entry for job-hopping employees

  • Require coding practices used in accounting

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Crew Time Sheets

Enter time for the whole crew all in one view.

Enter and code time for multiple employees with just a few screen taps, all on one convenient interface.

  • View and enter crews time for the day

  • Approve all coded time through the daily view

  • Auto-fill time based on the prior day entries and coding

  • View employees, jobs, and coding in the daily view

A screenshot of remote payroll.

Daily Time Sheets

Submit or review time for an employee in a weekly view.

Give individual employees a time entry screen to submit and code time. Managers can use the weekly view to review time coded for the week.

  • View and submit time for an employee for the week

  • Approve time through the weekly view

  • Auto-fill based on the prior weeks entries and coding

  • Copy a weeks time to other employees in the group

A screenshot of remote payroll next to a phone.

Record-Based Time Sheets

Manage time-tracking and attendance for job-hopping employees.

Provide employees jumping from one project to the next an easy way to manage their time and attendance with Record-based entry.

  • View an employees time for a week

  • Approve time within the weekly view

  • Auto-fill time based on prior week entries and coding

  • Copy the employee time to the entire crew

A screenshot of remote payroll.

Track Equipment Revenue

Track your equipment hours no matter what you haul, lift or install.

Track, code, and calculate the revenue made from your lifts, cranes, and welders.

  • Boost equipment revenue

  • Code and bill equipment time

  • Sort, filter, and analyze equipment hours

  • Send everything into your accounting system

An excavator and bulldozer on the job site.

Time and Attendance Approval

Approve production hours anywhere, with any device.

Put time entries in front of every stakeholder up the management chain for sign-off.

  • Create custom time approval paths

  • Add as many stakeholders as you need

  • Assign active and passive approver roles

  • Sync everything with accounting

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“It's been five years, and payroll hasn't been the same. hh2 does 90% of the work for us. When I think back to the Stone Age, how we did payroll before, and I think about how payroll is now, I can't imagine having to do payroll without having hh2.”

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