hh2 Remote Payroll Features

Multiple Time Entry Methods

Daily Time Entry

Enter time for all of the employees in a group quickly on a day by day basis with our daily time entry method. This view gives the user the convenience of having quick access to all employees within the group listed out side-by-side. Jobs and codes are shown under the employees in a grid that was built for entering time quickly.

Weekly Time Entry

The weekly time entry method allows the user to enter time for a single employee for the entire week. Entering time this way works very well for employees that enter their own time. It is also useful when you want to view and edit time on a weekly level.

Record Based Time Entry

Record-based entry is a quick way to submit time when the employee is jumping from job to job daily and coding to a myriad of codes. This makes it simple for them to enter their time while eliminating the need to constantly add and delete jobs and codes from their time card.

Punch Clock

The attendance punch clock provides the ability punch in and out at the jobsite. This system can be used from the web on any computer or can be accessed using apps developed for iOS or Android smart phones and tablets. It is used in conjunction with the time sheets for coding the time that was punched in and out.

Copy Time

hh2 Remote Payroll supports features that make it extremely fast for your supervisors and crew to enter time. Copy time is one of these features. Entertime for a single employee and copy that time to other employees in a groupthat worked on the same jobs and codes for that day or week.

Auto Fill Time

Auto-fill provides an easy way to take time that was entered on a previous day or week and fill out the current day or week with that time. This works great when a person or crew works on the same jobs and cost codes from one day or week to the next.

Move Time

If a user makes a mistake and enters time on the wrong week, move time allows them to move that time to the next week.

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