Construction Procurement

Kojo depends on hh2 for ERP integration.

Kojo’s procurement software relies on hh2 Cloud Services’ Universal Construction Model (UCM), a powerful integration platform. Independent software developers like Kojo use the UCM to integrate their solutions with top-tier construction accounting systems.

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Construction Code Integration

Secure your data with robust ERP integration.

Get more out of Kojo with hh2’s proven integration.

  • Use Kojo with data security peace of mind

  • Sync vendor information from accounting

  • Access current standard and project-based cost codes

  • Rely on the industry’s fastest ERP synchronization

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Develop once and deploy to many with the UCM

Rapidly deploy your product to multiple ERPs with a fraction of the work. Develop your integration to one standard set of API calls; let the UCM do the rest. The UCM integrates with an impressive and growing list of the construction industry’s leading ERPs.