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New Solution Document Flow to Help Streamline Credit Card Activities by Centralizing Processes to Expedite Workflow

SALT LAKE CITY, May 25, 2018 – hh2 Cloud Services, a cloud-based construction software development company located in Kaysville, Utah (, has released a new credit card transaction routing and approval solution following the 2018 TUG National Users Conference. This new release will expedite the workflow for viewing, approving, and tying receipts to credit card transactions.

“The employee now carries around an app on their mobile device that has the ability capture company credit card transactions and creates stored receipts that are kept on the app,” said Devon Dorrity, president and CEO of hh2 Cloud Services. “When your credit card transactions come in, the app will route it to the cardholder and automatically tie the receipt to the matching transaction based on the date and the amount.”

“hh2 Cloud Services is excited to release Document Flow,” said Jason Morrison, Director of Implementation.“ The present challenges that construction companies face are properly capturing and routing credit card receipts from the field. AP Flow brings a cloud-based solution to meet the demands of approval routing and invoicing.”

To schedule a demo of any of hh2’s cloud-based solutions, visit or call 801-683-7869.

About hh2 Cloud Services: hh2 Cloud Services was formed in 2004 to create mobile solutions that were built to add mobility to standard construction workflows. Now, hh2 creates a broad range of cloud-based solutions for gathering and reporting on time, entering daily logs, managing human resources processes, accounts payable routing and approval, credit card routing and approval, service management, data aggregation, and full-featured accounting integration. For more information, please visit (

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