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Kaysville, UT, June 6, 2021 – hh2 Cloud Services, the Utah-based construction industry software company, moved its headquarters to a larger, 35,000square-foot building located in Kaysville, Utah, roughly 20 miles from Salt Lake City. The building purchase, remodel, and move occurred in 2020, while many businesses shut down during the pandemic.

Due to the company's rapid growth, executives at hh2 see relocation as an excellent strategic move. hh2 has experienced more than a 30% growth since moving to the new building, and there is still room to expand as hh2 occupies only about 60% of the new facility.

"Our growth comes as the result of hh2's tremendous success," said Steve Diamond, hh2's controller. "Everyone feels waves in the construction industry swelling, especially as we leave COVID-19 behind. New customers come on board every week. We need more space to advance our cloud solutions and facilitate our growing customer base."

To hh2, a bigger building means more rapid development of cloud-based solutions for construction companies. The company employs a world-class development team, an in-house support staff, and departments for both marketing and sales.

"We have top-notch industry talent," said Devon Dorrity, hh2 CEO. "And we are looking for more. Our customers have come to rely on products like Remote Payroll and Document Flow. We have many great ideas in the offing. We want to take them to market as soon as possible. That means expansion for the company."

Liz Woodbury, hh2 office manager, oversaw most of the building's remodel and administrated the logistics of moving to the new space. "We made every effort to ensure that the new building reflects our company culture. We collaborate in a push for excellence. We used open architecture and cubicles so team members can interact. We installed several break areas and conference rooms to boost collaboration. We built a gym and showers so employees can take a break for a quick workout. The remodel exudes a modern, clean feel, an environment in which our employees can feel proud to work."

With plenty of room for growth in hh2 Cloud Services' new location, the executive team sees a positive future for the company with plenty of expansion and new products on the horizon.

About hh2 Cloud Services: After nearly two decades, hh2 Cloud Services continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock, AP routing& approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursement coding, routing& approval, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2 also provides the most robust integration of construction accounting systems with the Universal Construction Model® (UCM®).

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