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Meet Aaron D’anna, IT director, and Naomi Roback, HR manager at NEI General Contracting.

Both Aaron and Naomi had big-time issues with NEI General Contracting’s payroll workflow. Their old system caused inaccurate data, excessive amounts of tedious work, and general bad dreams about processing weekly timesheets.

“It was a nightmare,” said Naomi.“ We had an in-house payroll, and our process was such that timecards were due each Friday. They were submitted via Excel or PDF, like a paper timesheet. I would have to print them and hand key in all of our Payroll and job costing. It was a very labor-intensive process, heavy on the administrative side.”

Aaron said: “It was very cumbersome. This process took approximately eight hours to process Payroll every week.”

“This process had to have been north of 20 hours a week,” Naomi said. “Just printing 150 timecards, alphabetizing them and entering them in, chasing people, it was a lot. It was definitely about two and a half days’ worth of work, at least, and weekends.”

Not only were Aaron and Naomi spending at least one day a week working on Payroll, Naomi felt concerned that NEIGC’s labor approval process left the door open for inaccurate data.

“There was essentially no approval process at that point,” said Naomi. “It was up to the individual employee to submit their time. We only required our hourly staff to get approval via their immediate supervisors on their paper timesheets.”

Naomi and Aaron knew that something had to change. NAI’s flawed manual time tracking system, between time wasted and inconsistent data entry, ate into NEI’s profits. The decision-makers at NEIGC decided that hh2Remote Payroll offered substantial relief from their payroll workflow problem. After implementation, the benefits became apparent.

“NEI is no longer having to deal with double-entry,” said Naomi. “Remote Payroll has freed up a ton of time for other tasks with improved efficiency and fewer data entry errors. Process consistency is now greatly improved because 150 people were essentially handing in something different. My time is freed up for other things, which is huge. I don't know why it took us so long to get here. The import process is so quick. Everything about hh2 right now I am a fan of.”

Aaron adds: “NEI hasn’t had any issues at all. It is so much easier than what they were doing before.”

Some at NEI worried that integrating a new payroll tracking system would require a long climb up a vertical learning curve. Aaron was pleased to discover that Remote Payroll brought considerable benefits to the company via an easy-to-use application.

“hh2 Remote Payroll is a very thorough program,” said Aaron. “I wouldn’t change anything. It’s simple, and it should stay simple. I think that’s why everyone adopted it so well. The different interfaces and the mobility that hh2 brings have made entering and submitting time so much easier for NEI. Overall, there has been a huge improvement in getting everyone’s time entered, processed, and exported into our accounting system. That has been huge. It’s just so much more efficient.”

Both Aaron and Naomi love hh2 Remote Payroll’s flexibility. Native applications for desktop, tablet, and smartphones, developed for iOS and Android, means that NAIGC’s employees can instantly enter and approve time from any location.

“Time can be entered and approved from mobile devices, and it takes, like, two seconds.” Said Aaron. “Everyone is on the same platform, which is huge. Before, everyone had to get on their laptops and stop what they were doing to enter their time on an Excel sheet and get it in on time. Now, there’s no excuse for not getting your time in. You have it on your phone, your iPad, or laptop; whatever device, you have it in front of you. Everyone is always connected these days. You can easily enter your time or your crew’s time, you submit it, you sign off on it, and you’re done. It's simple.”

“They can be in the field and enter time,” said Naomi. “They can review everything...just the ease of the software, it’s very user friendly. Mobility in the field and user-friendly interfaces.”

Naomi and Aaron couldn’t be more pleased with NAI’s decision to roll Remote Payroll into their company’s time management workflow. Remote Payroll has saved both of them tons of time. Now they can focus on other vital parts of their jobs. And they know the data Remote Payroll checks into NAI’s accounting software is coded, approved, and accurate.

“I would definitely recommend hh2to others,” said Aaron. “If someone was looking for an easier and more effective way to submit their time, I would refer them to hh2.”

“I definitely would recommend hh2Remote Payroll because it has changed the way we process Payroll for the better. I love the ease of the software and how much free time it has given me to work on other important items...I love hh2; I have from the beginning. From the start, it’s just been a great addition to our process.”

About NEI General Contracting: NEI General Contracting, founded in1998, bases its operations in Massachusetts and Florida. The company takes pride in its values: commitment to clients and quality of workmanship. For more information about NEI General Contracting, visit

About hh2 Cloud Services: After nearly two decades, hh2 Cloud Services continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock, AP routing & approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursement coding, routing & approval, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2also provides the most robust integration of construction accounting systems with the Universal Construction Model® (UCM®).

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