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hh2 Cloud Services Completes Seamless Migration to Microsoft Azure, Boosting Performance and Security

Strategic Upgrade Enhances Speed, Reliability, and Data Protection for Construction Back-Office Solutions

May 31, 2024 – hh2 Cloud Services, the leading provider of construction back-office solutions, proudly announces the successful completion of its server migration to Microsoft Azure. This strategic upgrade significantly enhances the performance, reliability, and security of hh2’s suite of platform products, offering substantial benefits to users.


Unmatched Speed and Ongoing Performance Upgrades

With the transition to Azure Cloud, hh2 customers will experience unprecedented application speed and efficiency. Critical project information is now accessible more rapidly, with faster load times and quicker data retrieval, leading to a smoother overall user experience. This migration marks the beginning of ongoing performance enhancements that will roll out over the coming weeks and months, extending to all hh2 applications, including web and mobile platforms, and improving integration performance with ERP partners.


Commitment to Continuous Value Delivery

"The successful migration to Azure Cloud is a testament to our dedication to providing continuous value to our customers," said Jamie Clymer, CEO of hh2. "This transition enables us to deliver updates and new features faster than ever before, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction."


Enhanced Reliability and Cutting-Edge Security Measures

Azure's resilient architecture minimizes the risk of downtime, providing uninterrupted service and enhanced operational continuity. Azure's advanced encryption, threat detection, and continuous monitoring protect user data, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality. Users can rest assured that their data is managed in compliance with relevant regulations, guaranteeing privacy and protection.


Seamless Scalability and Adaptive Flexibility

hh2 products can seamlessly adapt to growing needs, accommodating increased user activity and data volumes effortlessly. This scalability ensures that hh2 can continue to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry.


Innovative New Features and Enhanced Functionality

The move to Azure Cloud allows hh2 to introduce new features and functionalities seamlessly across its entire customer base. Customers can look forward to proactive communication about monthly product releases within the applications upon login and through monthly email notifications.


Improved User Interface for a Superior Experience

In addition to new features, hh2 is committed to significantly enhancing the user interface and experience of its web and mobile applications. Customers will notice a fresh, intuitive design that simplifies navigation and reduces the steps needed to complete tasks, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable user experience.


Customers Praise Dramatic Boost in Speed and Performance

Eduardo Chavez shared, “I don’t know what hh2 did to the labor detail report in RP, but it is working amazingly. I just pulled four years of data on a project in one go. Before, I had to split it up in three-month intervals. Whatever you guys are doing, it’s working. I have used hh2 daily since 2020, and it has never loaded so fast.”


Blake Davis added, “Everything on the web is noticeably faster, actually screaming fast! As far as the apps go, Remote Payroll is also much faster. It still lags a little on approval but is probably two to three times faster than before. Good work, everyone! I’m excited about the performance!” 


About hh2

For over two decades, hh2 Cloud Services has been the go-to back-office platform for the construction industry. We make running a contractor’s business smoother, and we easily handle everything from time entry to HR management. With hh2, contractors can ditch the paperwork and focus on building. Our solutions simplify operations and boost efficiency, all tailored to the unique construction needs. 

For more information about hh2 Cloud Services and its offerings, visit


Kyle Hamer

SVP of Marketing, hh2 Cloud Services


Phone: (832) 997-5528


hh2 Completes Migration to Azure, Boosting Back-Office Performance

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