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Kaysville, Utah – 04/26/2019: hh2 Cloud Services®, a Utah-based construction software company, and Sage®, arguably the market leader in construction-industry accounting software, announced a new partnership at Sage Sessions 2020. Sage now recognizes hh2 Cloud Solutions as the single-authorized integration platform for Sage CRE. hh2, having built the Universal Construction Model® or UCM®, the most robust integration platform for Sage, is poised to offer unprecedented access to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The partnership accelerates time to market and substantially lowers costs for third-party point solutions that wish to integrate with Sage CRE.

Sage services thousands of construction companies in the US and Canada by offering payroll, accounting, job cost, service and project management systems such as Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

“Integrating with anything as comprehensive and proprietary as Sage CRE is a big commitment of time and resources,” said Devon Dorrity, hh2 Cloud Services CEO. “A few ISVs took their time and did it right, but many did not, and the customer’s experience using these third-party solutions wasn’t always as optimal.”

For the better part of two decades, hh2 Cloud Services has invested significant time and resources into developing a comprehensive, modern integration platform to address this problem. The results of which deliver Sage and its customers a REST-based API in the cloud. For the layperson, this means that the next-generation software solutions designed for the cloud can easily integrate at a fraction of the time, effort, and cost. The UCM can now be leveraged to support Sage’s commitment to customer choice.

“This partnership is huge,” said Devon Dorrity. “Although hh2 offers a compelling suite of point solutions, we are offering our integration platform as a service for ISVs. We are already at work signing partnerships with some of the most compelling solutions in the industry.”

The UCM integrates with Sage by providing an integration client installed on the customer’s accounting server. After initial synchronization with Sage CRE and hh2’s Universal Construction Model in the cloud, hh2 monitors the accounting database for changes. Updates sent from third-party solutions are queued up and sent into the accounting server in the order received. The UCM is fully automated and easy to implement and support. With thousands of customers already using the UCM, ISVs have no need to worry it isn’t up to the task.

“This opens up a whole world of innovation,” said Devon Dorrity. “There are many independent software vendors with big, innovative ideas. We have eliminated the need for these companies to develop their own Sage integrations from scratch. With one simple integration with hh2, these ISVs get a mature, battle-hardened integration with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor.”

Abouthh2 Cloud Services: After nearly two decades, hh2 Cloud Services continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock, invoice routing & approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursements, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2 also provides robust integration for construction accounting systems with the Universal Construction Model® (UCM®).

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