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Landmark Structures Expedites Workflow Processes With hh2 Field Reports

Meet Scott Wolf, senior operations analyst at Landmark Structures. Scott recognized the bottlenecks of using Excel spreadsheets for construction progress reports.

“When it comes to projection reporting, each division had their own Excel spreadsheet they were responsible for filling out weekly and emailing it back to the office to try to get a quantitative accounting of where we were at on the job. You’re constantly having to work with your superintendents to get the quality in the daily logs.”

Even worse, mistakes, lack of quality, and misinformation in the back-and-forth spreadsheets caused project managers to call field supervisors for progress reports.

“What they used to do, essentially, was just phone calls all over the place. Every time a project manager or superintendent needed to know what was going on, they would need to give him a call on his phone and pull him away from his work. They were getting four or five calls a day just to give status reports.”

Four to five calls a day translates to hours a week off the job. Scott knew that when Landmark’s Field supervisors spent hours a day on the phone, production slowed down. Landmark Structures teetered in a tight spot; they needed field updates, but the price paid for getting them ate into production.Scott knew there had to be a better way.

Scott recalled the success his company had experienced using hh2 RemotePayroll. He thought maybe hh2 could help with his company’s job status reporting problem.

“We saw the power of hh2 with Remote Payroll and other products … hh2 Remote Payroll allowed us to eliminate double entry completely. It was part of the answer to us changing some of our processes.”

He decided to roll hh2 Field Reports into Landmark Structures’s workflow. The benefits of doing so became obvious.

“With hh2 Field Reports, people can simply go to the Field Reports tab in hh2 and see what is going on with pictures, reports, and everything else. For the guys who are doing their unit production reporting, it generates an automatic projection report for them daily.”

No more Excel spreadsheets, no more pestering calls to field supervisors from project managers: Scott loves the fact that field reports take no time at all. Job-status reports can be instantly turned from any location using hh2 apps for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

“We like hh2 because we have the ability to use different devices and multiple interfaces, giving us the best experience. Virtually everyone is using the web interface, and many people are also using the native apps for iOS and Android. Using a mobile device has its advantages.”

Scott recognizes the benefits of hh2’s continually evolving products.Some of the services include:

• The ability to use different devices and multiple interfaces, including desktop, tablet, and smart phone, available for iOS and Android

• Responsiveness of hh2’s support and development team

• Quick and efficient implementation processes

• High quality of daily logs

• Custom forms built specifically for Landmark’s workflow

Scott also understands that practical tools must be easy to use. hh2 designs cloud-based solutions specifically for the construction industry, with the end-user in mind. Ease of use is a big deal to hh2.

“I am the in-house implementation guy for Landmark Structures. Everything got implemented so quickly with hh2.”

On top of benefiting from the excellent cloud-based solutions provided by hh2, Scott knows that hh2’s support staff stands ready to help.

“Anytime we’ve had little issues, hh2’s support team has jumped on it and gotten everything fixed quickly. hh2 has been fantastic to work with. It’s been great … If I call, they generally answer the phone and either give me an answer immediately or go talk to someone and respond within five minutes. I’ve been very happy with the level of support at hh2: very, very responsive.”

Like so many other hh2 customers, Scott Wolf and his company love the convenience, time savings, and order that hh2 Cloud Solutions brings to their workflow.

“I would recommend hh2 FieldReports to others; in fact, I often do … As far as I’m concerned, hh2 FieldReports has changed our workflow entirely and made everything so much easier.”

About Landmark Structures: Landmark Structures specializes in water tank design, construction, and engineering. They remain at the forefront of infrastructure for water, energy, and the environment. For more information, visit

About hh2 Cloud Services: After nearly two decades, hh2 Cloud Services continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock,AP routing & approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursement coding, routing & approval, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2 also provides the most robust integration of construction accounting systems with the Universal ConstructionModel® (UCM®).

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