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Meet Scott Wolf, senior operations analyst, and Kim Lueckemeyer, payroll administrator for LandmarkStructures. Scott had no love for the way Landmark Structures handled its time entry workflow.

Scott said: “For the timesheet side of things, every employee[and] the support employees would fill out an Excel spreadsheet and email[them] to our payroll administrator. The field guys had timesheets for their entire crews, so they would fill it out for themselves as the superintendent and for their crew. It went through an approval process, so essentially they then got emailed to the general superintendents of the division who approved them and emailed them on to Payroll. Payroll would then have to hand key the data from each of those Excel spreadsheets into Timberline. Horrible, horrible process.”

Scott recognized the exposure to errors caused by this system. He also watched scores of hours wasted hours sink into this process. He spoke to Kim Lueckemeyer, the payroll administrator, who had been using hh2 Remote Payroll. She recommended hh2 to Scott.

“Kim said that Remote Payroll is saving her a day and a half a week just from her processing standpoint,” said Scott.

“It has completely eliminated double entry,” said Kim. “I no longer need to hand key anything in. Time-wise, it has freed up an entire day a week to work on something else. It’s made my life a lot easier.”

On top of saved time, Scott knew that Landmark Structures’s system exposed a proneness for errors. Kim assured him that fewer errors made it into Landmark’s accounting system since she used Remote Payroll.

“Remote Payroll has reduced the amount of errors throughout the entire process of entering, submitting, and approving time.” Said Kim. “The employees can now select the correct cost codes to code time to in the field on their mobile devices instead of writing codes, eliminating any guesswork.”

Scott felt relieved whenLandmark adopted hh2 Remote Payroll into its time management workflow. Aside from substantial time savings and a drastic reduction in payroll errors, Scott soon recognized some of Remote Payroll's other features. And it didn’t take long for him to translate these features into increased profits for his company.

“We’re saving about $800k a year by utilizing hh2 products and changing the way that we do travel and per diem. Those two things at the same time are saving us money versus the way we used to do travel and per diem,” said Scott.

Scott also adds: “The hh2 product has allowed us to do claiming and internal rental agency so to speak, has saved us probably another$1 million a year on our equipment spend. I can’t give all of the credit to hh2, but hh2 is a piece of that answer.”

Both Scott and Kim also recognize that, no matter how great any tool is, it becomes useless if too complicated. Kim loves the simplicity of Remote Payroll. It has made a big difference in her job not just because it offers great benefits but also easy to use.

“I primarily use the web interface, and I love it.” Said Kim.“It is easy to access and easy to maneuver. The functionalities that RemotePayroll offers are so user-friendly. I know that the field employees generally use it on their iPads and mobile phones. Supervisors like the mobility of having access to Remote Payroll on their tablets while they’re in the field, and being able to enter time in the field has improved accuracy.”

hh2 Remote Payroll offeredScott and Kim just what they needed to save up to 20 hours per week, to increase accuracy, accountability, all with seamless integration with LandmarkStructures’s accounting system.

•Elimination of time wasted on data-entry
• Custom approval paths
• Drastic reduction of timesheet errors
• Increased revenue from equipment rentals
• Mobile time entry apps for desktop, tablets, and smartphones, developed for iOS and Android
• Multiple time entry methods to fit different circumstances and preferences

“If you are hand keying in the information, I would recommend hh2 Remote Payroll completely.” Said Kim. “I didn’t realize just how much time hand keying was taking until we started using hh2, and I didn’t have to do it. I love Remote Payroll, and I hope we don’t ever change from it. I do this completely alone, and it helps time wise so much. It’s the greatest benefit for me.”

About Landmark Structures: Landmark, a set of four integrated businesses in Ontario, Canada, in 1974, entered the United States market in1985. Landmark Structures, a sister company to Landmark, specializes in water storage design, engineering, and construction. They employ 223 people. As ofDecember 7, 2018, 88 work in support, and 135 work off-site full-time. The company’s annual revenue totals $100-120 million.

About hh2 Cloud Services: After nearly two decades, hh2 CloudServices continues to advance cloud-based services for construction companies. hh2 offers point solutions for time entry, punch clock, AP routing &approval, credit card transaction coding, reimbursement coding, routing &approval, human resources, daily logs, service management, data aggregation, and pay stubs. hh2 also provides the most robust integration of construction accounting systems with the Universal Construction Model® (UCM®).

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