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Slate Technologies, a California-based artificial intelligence (AI) software platform for the construction industry, announced last week that it is acquiring Splash Modular, a North Carolina-based software designer of industrialized construction (IC) and design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA).

Shared Connectivity for Stakeholders

Splash was built to facilitate industrialized construction. The software connects design teams in the construction process with the manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain stakeholders — bringing all data into a parametric design file. Potentially, general contractors can identify, integrate and manage industrialized construction solutions and suppliers while reducing the cost and risk of projects.

Slate launched a digital assistant earlier this spring that leverages AI and machine learning to help contractors and designers make better solutions based on multiple criteria.

How These ConTech Companies Synergize

Both companies use their software tools to rapidly analyze and determine progress on projects. that will The anticipated outcome is to lower risks associated with supply chain issues, manufacturing delays, and construction errors. By using AI and machine learning they can see patterns and anticipate problems long before they happen, giving the users the ability to plan for contingencies. In this sense, these are somewhat like forecasting tools, only smarter.

Working together, Splash brings its expertise in industrialized construction, and Slate brings its expertise in artificial intelligence.  Both are tried and true technologies of the construction industry, being developed specifically for the needs of construction companies and contractors.

While the scope of the tool is targeted at larger companies with substantial supply chain issues to track and manufacturing needs, it is projected that the advances will be able to aid small contractors and subcontractors in the future.

Growth in the Companies

Splash Modular started out with only four employees a few years ago, and Slate Technologies has approximately 50 on the team. Both have been growing quickly and Slate said that the opportunity to snap up Splash was too good.

“We are seeing more and more building with industrialized construction,” Slate Technologies Vice President Joel Hutchines said. “As that has evolved in that sector, general contractors are more and more willing to leverage modular suppliers.”

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