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Over the next several weeks, we're going to highlight the members of our customer support team. The first is Tara Liston.

What is your job title, and how long have you been at hh2?

-My title is hh2 Cloud Services Support Representative. I've been with hh2 for a little over 10 months now.

What do you do as part of the support team?

-As part of the support team, I answer support calls and tickets to troubleshoot potential defects, guide our customers in the right direction in their hh2 site or on the app if they are having trouble finding something, or lend an ear when our customers are having a hard time getting a hang of hh2 or if they have some frustrations to help determine how I can help ease some of this and clear a path that helps them to move forward. I also will help with reconfiguring our sync tools on customers servers or troubleshoot syncing issues and am learning new customer installs.

What is your favorite part about your work?

-There are so many favorite things I have about working at hh2. I would say that I love that every day is a positive challenge and I am constantly learning. I also love the people I work with as they are all so encouraging, amazing mentors, and very knowledgeable in their positions.

What is your background (schooling, experience, locations, etc)?

-I have worked in different positions from working as a waitress to owning my own small business all of which have been in the customer service industry. I love the interactions I get to have with people every day and feel good when I am able to help ease burdens that people have, whether it be professionally or personally. Most recently before coming to hh2, I worked in the medical field, trying out different jobs and eventually working as a CNA and pharmacy analyst while in nursing school just trying to find my niche and what made me happy. Eventually, I decided I needed a change. I had a family and needed a job that I could better balance with my home life as I felt I was working my life away with no time for anything else. I was also struggling with my long commute to and from work. That’s what brought me to hh2 where I was taught everything I know now and continue to learn. I have since switched programs and am in school for Computer Science and am loving every second of the new path I am on.

What do you do in your free time?

-In my free time I am either working on a project on my house, or going on an adventure with my kids and husband. We love to go camping or exploring our town to find new places to eat or things to do.

What is one tip/trick/hint that you want customers to know?

-One thing I've learned since working at hh2 is that technology is forever evolving and hh2 is striving day and night to better enhance and fine tune our products. Unfortunately, with enhancement comes defects. When issues arise hh2 is so unbelievably dedicated to resolving these as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this I would love for all of our customers to know the information we require to be able to troubleshoot any defect that they experience. This information is listed below:

  • The name of the person experiencing the problem.
  • The type of device being used when they experience said problem
  • Are they using the app or the web? If they are using the app, we need to know the version     they are on. Needing to provide this can be avoided by sending a ticket from the device that is     having the issue and using the help icon in the app to submit the ticket. If for any reason you     cannot use the help icon, you may find the version number of your app by going to the app     settings (gear icon) >About >Version.
  • A screenshot or video that clearly displays the issue you are experiencing along with your     description of the problem

Without this information, it can take longer for us to recreate, troubleshoot, and resolve the problems that our customers have and we just want to ease these headaches as quickly as we possibly can for our clients.

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