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News Release
April 22, 2018

hh2 Cloud Services® Announces Remote Payroll Support for Foundation Construction Accounting System Customers

Foundation Software CustomersCan Now Use the Power Of hh2’s Remote Payroll for Tracking Employee Labor Time

SALT LAKE CITY, April 22, 2018– hh2 Cloud Services, a cloud-based construction software development company located in Kaysville, Utah (, is excited to announce integration with Foundation Software, a popular construction accounting system. This integration is exclusive to hh2’s Remote Payroll time entry system. hh2 is looking for current Foundation customers to sign up for their beta program.

“Foundation customers who enter our beta program get our ear,” said Kevin Wroblewski, VP of SoftwareDevelopment. “Your needs and your feedback are paramount to us at hh2.”

Foundation Software provides accounting services including job costing, project management, payroll and more. hh2 Cloud Services is thrilled to work with Foundation and provide RemotePayroll integration to its customers.

To learn more about hh2 RemotePayroll, visit us online at or call 801-683-7869.

About hh2 Cloud Services: hh2 Cloud Services was formed in 2004 to create mobile solutions that were built to add mobility to standard construction work flows. Now, hh2 creates abroad range of cloud-based solutions for gathering and reporting on time, entering daily logs, managing human resources processes, accounts payable routing and approval, credit card routing and approval, service management, data aggregation and full featured accounting integration. For more information, please visit (

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