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News Release
November 26, 2017

hh2 Cloud Services® Releases Optimized Web Pages for Users on Mobile Devices

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 26, 2017 – hh2 Cloud Services, a cloud-based construction software development company located in Kaysville, Utah (, releases a new, optimized hh2 web functionality for mobile devices. This update will make it easier for those using smartphones and tablets to use their native internet apps to access hh2.

“We have optimized the website for the mobile phone,” said Kevin Wroblewski, vice president of software development. “This creates a more efficient user experience and provides better efficiency when entering labor time.”

For more information about hh2’s full suite of cloud-based solutions, call 801-683-7869 or

About hh2 Cloud Services: hh2 Cloud Services was formed in 2004 to create mobile solutions that were built to add mobility to standard construction workflows. Now, hh2 creates a broad range of cloud-based solutions for gathering and reporting on time, entering daily logs, managing human resources processes, accounts payable routing and approval, credit card routing and approval, service management, data aggregation, and full-featured accounting integration. For more information, please visit (

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