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hh2 Cloud Services Pro Support Plus Agreement

All new hh2 Cloud Services subscriptions require a built-in support plan.  In addition to allowing customers to call in for help, our Pro-Support plan includes the following benefits:

  • Web Chat Based Support
  • Emergency Support Line
  • Email Support
  • Forums
  • Access to Pro-Support Training Videos
  • Access to Pro-Support Webinars
  • 1 Free Server Migration or Key Code Change Per Year
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • 2 Extra Support Tickets Per Year

Each hh2 Cloud Services module comes with a specific allotment of annual support incidents.  Initiating a support incident can be done simply by emailing, or by calling our customer support line at 1-801-683-7868.  Tickets that deal with bug or defect reporting and simple reminders of how to do something are generally answered promptly, free of charge.  We will normally be able to respond within a few hours of the support ticket being received, but we do order our responses according to severity so responses could take longer (up to 24 hours during regular business days.)  We are available to answer support tickets and emails during regular business hours, Mountain Time.  Feature requests and feedback can also be submitted, free of charge, by emailing  All feature requests are automatically logged into our development system for consideration.

  • hh2 Remote Payroll: 8 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Human Resources: 6 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Field Service: 6 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Document Flow: 8 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Data Drop: 6 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Pay Stubs: 2 Incidents Minimum
  • hh2 Field Reports: 2 Incidents Minimum

The more incidents a customer has, the less expensive the incidents.  Cost per incident is evaluated based on all the subscriptions a customer owns.

  • 1-2 Annual Incidents Total: $12.50 per incident per month
  • 3+ Annual Incidents Total: $10.00 per incident per month

All support incidents expire December 31st and refresh on January 1st.  Unused support incidents do not roll over from year to year.

hh2 reserves the right to bill for additional incidents up front instead of adding them to the monthly subscription fees.  In that case, they will be billed at $150 per incident.

hh2 Cloud Services support does not include implementation. We define implementation as helping employees configure or reconfigure major aspects of the system to suit or better suit the needs of the company.

Training and Implementation is sold in blocks of hours and is prescheduled based on availability. Additional training and implementation can be purchased by contacting Billing at 1-801-683-7874 or by emailing

hh2 Cloud services is not obligated to resolve every issue reported--if a resolution would require altering the software's feature set, business logic, architecture, or is the result of the IT infrastructure on the client's end (e.g. connectivity issues, outdated hardware, low bandwidth, network security, firewalls, anti-virus). In such cases issues will be logged for future consideration or feature requests.

All configuration and troubleshooting the synchronization process falls under paid support. We do not support synchronization on servers or computers that do not meet our minimum specifications ( We do not support synchronization on servers or computers that do not have direct Internet access. We do not support proxy servers. We do not support synchronization on servers or computers other than the server or computer that the accounting system we are syncing with is installed on. If a customer asks for help in any of these areas, we are not obliged to help, we are not obliged to resolve, and any involvement is treated as a billable support, or in some cases at our discretion, billable implementation.

Customizations to change the default synchronization process are considered paid support. If we later change the software and the customizations have to be redone, that is also paid support.

We will respond to basic questions about hh2 Cloud Services by sending a link to a support forum article covering the subject or by responding with a short answer from our support team. If more help is required a support incident will be used.

Administrative tasks such as resetting passwords, setting up users, roles, permissions, ...etc. are considered either paid support or training and implementation. In either case it is a billable event.

Although our support team will make every attempt to respond to all issues as quickly as possible, we reserve the right to consider any issue that requires immediate or same day response as a billable support incident. In other words, we reserve the right to consider all time sensitive support issues as billable support incidents.

We will automatically deduct an incident when a billable support incident occurs, without notification or managerial approval. We will keep accurate records of when each billable support incident occurs.

If an incident that falls under training, implementation, or feature custom development occurs, we reserve the right to bill at the rate of $250/hour or to deduct a block of purchased training and implementation hours to cover the cost.