Construction Time Cards. When You Need Them. Where You Need Them

With so much to do in the field, sitting at a desk to review pen and paper time cards, filling them out on spreadsheets, or working with time card solutions not optimized for mobility can eat up much of your day.

hh2 Remote Payroll enables you to enter and approve time anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can walk the job site while entering time for yourself, single employees, or for the whole crew all at once.

Field supervisors, project managers, and payroll managers can also use smartphones, tablets, or hh2’s full-featured online application to view and approve time using custom approval paths.

  • Enter time using smartphones
  • Anytime, anywhere, any web device time entry
  • Multiple time entry methods
  • Custom approval paths for mobile approvals
  • Seamless sync with popular construction accounting systems