hh2 Remote Payroll Features

Time Tracking

Configurable Timecards
Employees have a customizable timecard that can be configured for Cost Codes, G.L. Accounts, Departments, Categories, Certified Classes, Shifts, Unions, Union Locals, and Union Classes that they regularly use.

Pay ID's
Syncs over pay ID's from your accounting system and choose the payroll groups that have access to them. Use Pay ID's to collect time or other numerical data such as mileage or reimbursements.

Prefill Timecards
Timecards can be prefilled from the previous week or copied over from one employee to another making time entry quick and efficient for employees that do similar activites from week to week.


Custom Approval Paths
Approval can be configured to one or more levels, allowing the system to adapt to almost any structure needed. Approval paths can be set up globally or customized for each job or group.

Secure Approval
Security can be adjusted to support different settings at each level in the approval path. This provides you the ability to control what your employees have access to.

Custom Group Management
Select the jobs and codes that each group has access to. Give access to everything in the system or provide a white list of jobs and codes that can be used.


Labor Detail Reports
Setup reports to provide you with the level of detail you would like to see. Create custom reports by filtering through the data that syncs from your accounting system.

PDF Timecards
Easily review the time, attendance, comments, and labor specific detail that your employees have entered using PDF Timecards.


Sync Tool
Our hh2 Sync tool synchronizes on a schedule you specify to synchronize employees, jobs, extras, cost codes, categories, GL accounts, pay id's, certified classes, and others to effortlessly keep your web service up to date.

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