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Use Sage 100 Contractor to improve construction project management.

Improve the efficiency of your construction business by using hh2 Cloud Services' cloud-based options, built from the ground up for construction and securely integrated with Sage 100 Contractor.

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hh2 integrates the following products with Sage 100 Contractor:

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Labor hour tracking

Track employee time and attendance with an easy mobile app.

Enter labor hours anywhere, on any device, synced seamlessly with Sage 100 Contractor.

  • Enter time & attendance on iOS and Android devices

  • Use current employees and codes from accounting

  • Log time using multiple methods

  • Sync your work with Sage 100 Contractor

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sage 100 remote payroll

Financial document handling & job cost reports

Handle receipts, invoices, and job costs from beginning to end.

Go paperless and handle large quantities of financial documents easily.

  • Acquire receipts and invoices digitally without data-entry

  • Split, code, and notate financial documents on any device

  • Route documents through custom approval workflows

  • Sync your work seamlessly with Sage 100 Contractor

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project work center

Human resource library

Consolidate your HR document library into one convenient location.

View, edit, and distribute HR documents instantly throughout your company.

  • Centralize your HR documents to one accessible location

  • Easily distribute HR communications company-wide

  • Give field employees access to their HR information

  • Seamlessly sync with HR data on Sage 100 Contractor

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construction industry HR cloud

Digital pay stub access

Look through your pay history’s worth of pay stubs.

Get at your paystubs anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Access paystubs on smartphones and tablets

  • Look up paystubs based on date range

  • Compile paystubs into downloadable pdf documents

  • Sync paystubs with current data in Sage 100 Contractor

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labor job cost information labor

Cloud-based daily logs

Draft construction site daily logs as you walk the job site.

Use smartphones and tablets to create and post daily logs.

  • Create daily logs anytime on any device

  • Use templates to draft daily logs rapidly

  • Attach photos, receipts, and other supporting documents

  • Sync daily logs continuously with Sage 100 Contractor

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project information at your finger tips

Manage field technicians

Run field technician dispatch on iOS and Android tablets.

Know the when, where, and why of your field techs.

  • Manage your field service peoples’ schedules.

  • Sent field requests to service techs throughout the day

  • Use GPS to monitor your field service people

  • Sync field service activities with Sage 100 Contractor

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critical business information at your finger tips

Analyze custom reports

Custom Reports - Project Management Software Simplified.

Use your favored business intelligence software to create reports.

  • Combine data from multiple sources

  • Combine data into a local SQL database

  • Analyze data using your preferred reporting platform

  • Distribute custom reports to stakeholders

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hh2 Data Drop custom reporting

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