Viewpoint Spectrum

Enhance business processes with the hh2 Viewpoint Spectrum integration.

Integrate hh2 Cloud Services’ construction-specific tools with Viewpoint Spectrum to enhance business processes. Improve construction time & attendance tracking, job site daily logs, customized reporting, and more.

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hh2 integrates the following products with Viewpoint Spectrum:

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Seamless Integration

Integrate with Viewpoint Spectrum to unlock new business process horizons.

Activate hh2’s construction business solutions with robust Viewpoint Spectrum integration.

  • Integrate with Spectrum quicker than you think

  • Ensure that you work with the most current accounting data

  • Let hh2 handle ongoing updates and maintenance

  • Update data harmony with weekly, daily, or continuous sync

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Time and Attendance Tracking

Enter, code, approve, and sync labor hours in the cloud.

Save time and boost efficiency with cloud-based time & attendance tracking.

  • Enter time on your terms with multiple methods

  • Enter notes as part of time entry records

  • Use custom approval paths to sign off on time entries

  • Approve time & attendance using mobile devices

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Document Routing & Approval

Manage financial documents from top to bottom.

Handle receipts, invoices, reimbursements, and pay apps in the cloud.

  • Use multiple methods to acquire receipts & invoices

  • Create custom workflows for routing & approval

  • Quell vendor billing questions with cloud-based payment apps

  • Issue reimbursements promptly

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hh2 Document Flow Screenshot on the Web

Mobile Daily Logs

Build daily logs live from the job site with any mobile device.

Create daily field reports on mobile devices as you walk the job site.

  • Create field reports anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • Create field reports with construction-wise templates

  • Strengthen daily logs with attached supporting documents

  • Review daily logs from anywhere the moment they go live

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hh2 Field Reports Screenshot

Customizable Reporting Options

Compile data from different sources and generate custom reports.

Use your business intelligence software to create specialized reports.

  • Aggregate data into a local SQL database

  • Create reports with your favorite business intelligence software

  • Build specific reports based on your unique business needs

  • Send specialized reports to stakeholders

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Expand business practice potential by integrating Viewpoint Spectrum with hh2.

Explore potential business process refinements that can conserve resources and increase your bottom line.