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Enrich financial processes with the Viewpoint Vista integration.

Improve your company time & attendance tracking, construction financial document handling, daily logs and more with mobile tools from hh2 Cloud Services, fully integrated with Viewpoint Vista.

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hh2 integrates the following products with Viewpoint Vista:

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Seamless Integration

Connect Viewpoint Vista to the cloud to access process-refining business tools.

Add hh2’s construction-specific solutions to improve the efficiency, speed, and tracking for construction processes.

  • Get up and running quickly with hh2’s implementation team

  • View and manage the latest accounting data in the field

  • Let hh2 handle integration updates and maintenance

  • Set your sync schedule to weekly, daily, or continuous

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Construction worker using a tablet at a construction site.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Improve efficiency and accuracy of employee time & attendance tracking.

Enter time on your terms with flexible, cloud-based time entry tools.

  • Enter time & attendance on any mobile device

  • Use multiple entry methods based on your circumstances

  • Route labor hour entries through custom approval paths

  • Approve time & attendance in the cloud with mobile devices

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hh2 Remote Payroll Screenshot

Construction Financials

Acquire, code, approve, and sync receipts, invoices, and more.

Manage high volumes of financial documents from end to end in the cloud.

  • Acquire receipts and invoices anywhere, with any device

  • Automatically send documents through custom workflows

  • Approve invoices and receipts on smartphones

  • Turn reimbursements around promptly

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hh2 Document Flow Screenshot Desktop

Mobile Daily Logs

Generate detailed daily job updates on mobile devices.

Create construction daily logs as you walk the job site.

  • Walk the job site while entering daily logs on any mobile device

  • Enter daily logs using native apps for iOS and Android

  • Attach supporting documents such as photos and invoices

  • Access daily logs instantly as they post

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hh2 Field Reports Tablet

Custom Data Reporting

Create project financial reports with your favorite business intelligence software.

Generate specific reports in your preferred business intelligence environment.

  • Combine data from multiple sources into a local SQL database

  • Run reports against aggregated data

  • Create reports in your preferred business intelligence software

  • Send customized reports to stakeholders

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hh2 Data Drop Photo

Increase your business’ speed and efficiency by combining Viewpoint Vista and hh2.

Learn how to add speed and accuracy to your business processes by using hh2 Cloud Services’ products in alignment with Viewpoint Vista.